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there’s a big difference between “i’m sad because a character i was emotionally invested in was killed off” and “this character’s death served no purpose, was used for shock value, and is the product of bad writing and i’m upset about that”



A day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALEY! Since you answered my question yesterday with fluff, here is what I hope to be a very fluffy birthday fic. I hope you like it.

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I’m still here and I’m crazily in love with you. Please, stay.

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I do what he does, just slower.


ok but before u unfollow me we gotta do a duet of ‘gotta go my own way’ sorry i dont make the rules 

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"No matter what the circumstances, for 28 years I only knew one thing, that my parents sent me away. For my entire life I’ve been alone.”

"I grew up alone. I grew up without a father. You can make up for that?…You have no idea what I’ve lived with.”

for haley

you are an amazing friend and i feel so lucky to have you. I hope your birthday was as amazing as you are. 

Every fairytale needs a good old fashioned villain.

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Rookie Blue Season 5 Short Promo - Not great quality but you get the picture

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I’m in the ambulance and I can’t help feel like if he dies, I will too. — Andy McNally (via daddycharmings)


Watching percussionists in ensembles during concerts is so stressful like I always get so pumped full of adrenaline when I watch them and in my head I’m like gO GET THE thing—omG RUN OVER TO the other— ARE YOU COUNTing watCH THE CONDUCTOR omg RUN omg GO GET YOUR MALLET OMG omg omg omg MUTE THE GONG omg
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Fuck Sebastian Stan, but also fuck Sebastian Stan, ya feel?

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i cant believe im not butter

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charmingsprincess: "happpppy happy birthday bb <333333"

Thank you, Ash!! <33

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